To provide a healthy, loving, nurturing, supportive, and educationally enriched environment for the children we serve so that they may enter into school ready to embrace lifelong learning.



To secure partnerships that will enable our organization to provide a state of the art facility equipped to promote school readiness and nourish the development of the children we serve without prejudice, as well as provide security to the parents while they are working.

At Dobson Christian Preschool the classroom spaces are well defined for children to guide their exploration and invite social and cognitive experiences. Particular aspects of the classroom environment may include but not limited to: a meeting space for large group gatherings and read a louds, an investigative science center, a cozy literacy library for reading, a stimulating writing/message area, a construction area for blocks and other building materials, a mini arts and crafts workspace, and a state of the art dramatic play area. The classrooms are uniquely organized with materials that are prudently chosen, presented, and stored at the child’s level to encourage maximum independence. 


The curriculum is inspired by the preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. This approach encourages young children and their teachers to explore, question, and discover in stimulating environments. Children express ideas and interests, research for further information, reflect on the experience and form conclusions. Through this process, children develop confidence and independence with encouragement from teachers, parents and their community.


The Reggio Emilia inspired classroom environment and Inquiry Based Curriculum approach, plays a crucial role in the teaching and learning process, provoking students’ creativity and curiosity, stimulating the imagination, and encouraging students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. The classrooms are purposefully designed and prepared by the educators in collaboration with others professionals in an effort to optimize small and large group interaction, social emotional development and play, and constructive and inquiry based learning.

The Reggio Philosophy


“…a hundred worlds to discover
, a hundred worlds to invent
, a hundred worlds to dream.”


Loris Malaguzzi, Pioneer of the Preschools in Reggio Emilia, Italy


"Dobson Chrisitan Preschool and Childcare has helped build character and develop skills, by combining Faith and Education.  Entrusting our kids with them has been one of the best decisions we have made".  

Thomas and Gina Tallagua

Early Learning and Preschool Programs


Ages 2 - 5


Our Preschool program is aligned with the developmental milestones of its children, recognizing the uniqueness of each child and striving to meet his or her individual needs.  The primary goal of the Preschool is to construct an environment in which each child can grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. 

Early Learning

Ages 0-24 months


DCPCC provides a specialized space for infant social and emotional development.  The infant area is designed to create an environmentally enriched atmosphere that encourages safe exploration, allowing children to discover, make friends, and learn. It is within this kind of environment that educators seek to create a sense of community.